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Quality is the starting point of enterprise value and dignity

Quality is customer satisfaction, quality is the fundamental business survival. World famous Quality experts, strong design and experimental design, the founder of the - tower Dr Gucci Quality is defined as: "Quality is what customers feel. (Quality is what the customers perceive it to be.)" the importance of this definition of Quality is that reveals a fact that the traditional production oriented enterprise, the product Quality are usually only be book financial losses linked with the company; To rework cost, scrap, warranty and service costs to measure the quality of products. In the quality of the gucci in the definition, the customer is the most important part of the production system, due to the high quality products and services can ensure customer return later, so can improve the company's reputation and increase market share.

Quality policy

Guangzhou Beyond Lighting Co.,Limited, the quality policy is: to build high quality products, and satisfied customers! In the production and management decision-making, we use the "veto" quality, strict quality standards, strives for perfection the manufacturing ideas, perfect after-sales service, is your guarantee of confidence!

Service commitment

1. After-sale tracking: our product to sell do long-term after-sale tracking service, listen to customer voice, take the initiative to help customers solve product questions and difficult problem in use.

2. Professional installation: we have professional installation and maintenance personnel, according to the customer request, to provide design, installation guide lighting effect of debugging, programming and personnel training.

3. The warranty and maintenance: sell product warranty for one year (except artificial damage and loss of light bulbs), warranty equipment malfunction, repair or replacement parts free of charge. After a year of maintenance spare parts fee only.

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